What I have written

Here’s a brief sample of my writing.

My most recent article about dating and the science of attraction has been published in the journal of ‘Sexuality & Culture’, and can be accessed here:



This year I also published a chapter in this book about romance in Australia:

romance book


And here’s a selection of my other publications:

Book chapters:

King, Andrew S. (2017) ‘From Moomba to the Dreaming: Indigenous Australia, Popular Music and Reconciliation’. In Harrington, Stephen (Ed.) Entertainment Values: How do we Assess Entertainment and Why does it Matter? Palgrave MacMillan, London, pp. 131-147.

King, Andrew S. (2017) ‘A History of Aboriginal Marriageability in Australia’. In Hsu-Ming Teo The Popular Culture of Romantic Love in Australia. Arcadia, Sydney, pp. 91-119.

King, Andrew S. (2013) A History of Popular Indigenous Music. In Wheeler, Belinda (Ed.) A Companion Guide to Australian Aboriginal Literature. Camden House, New York, pp. 187-201.

Journal articles:

King, Andrew S. (2015) Creating choices in advertising’s newest frontier. Mizzima Business Weekly, 4(12), pp. 32-34.

King, Andrew S. (2011) Advertising and Celebrity Endorsement in Burma. Flow, 13(6).

King, Andrew S. (2010) ‘Black is beautiful’, and Indigenous : Aboriginal authorship in Australian popular music. Continuum : Journal of Media and Cultural Studies, 24(4), pp. 533-542.

King, Andrew S. (2009) Romance and Reconciliation : The secret life of indigenous sexuality on Australian television drama. Journal of Australian Studies, 33(1), pp. 37-50.

King, Andrew S. (2009) Just Relations : Indigenous families in Australian lifestyle media. Australian Journal of Communication, 36(2), pp. 17-33.

King, Andrew S. (2005) Reconciling Nicci Lane : the ‘unspeakable’ significance of Australia’s first indigenous porn star. Continuum : Journal of Media and Cultural Studies, 19(4), pp. 523-543.