Secrets to IELTS writing success – Synonyms

A lot of people get stuck writing, not because they can’t express themselves properly but because they run of interesting ways to express their ideas.  Many writers, including native English speakers, become lazy and reuse the same expressions over and over again.  That can make your writing sound boring.  Very boring! An excellent way to … More Secrets to IELTS writing success – Synonyms

IELTS writing – ‘to’ and ‘-ing’s

‘To’ and ‘—ing’ verbs English verbs can be complicated, but they needn’t be.  It just takes practice, and that’s where writing comes in.  The more you practice writing verbs, keeping lists and experimenting with new sentences, the easier you will find them when using English for your essays or IELTS exams. Take for instance when … More IELTS writing – ‘to’ and ‘-ing’s